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Leap Bites

We understand that every business has unique needs and budgets.

That is why we have created Leap Bites - fast, focused, and affordable packages that provide you with immediate tools while giving you a glimpse of our expertise and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Whether a startup or an established enterprise, our Leap Bites are designed to offer the strategic insights and practical recommendations you need to propel your business forward, without the long-term commitment.

Looking for additional bites? Reach out to us.

Mini market analysis.jpg

Mini Market Analysis

A brief analysis of your target market and competition providing insights and identifying potential opportunities.

Content sampler1.jpg

Content Sampler

A selection of high-quality content pieces, such as blog articles or social media posts, showcasing your expertise and value proposition.

Website audit.jpg

Website Audit

A review of your website’s design, user experience, structure, messaging, and storyline, along with actionable suggestions to increase exposure.

Strategy examination.jpg

Market Strategy Examination

Insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy, with recommendations for optimizing the strategy to better align with your business goals and target audience and to position your business for greater success.

Strategy snapshot.jpg

Marketing Strategy Snapshot

An overview of a tailored marketing strategy for your business, highlighting key tactics and channels to drive growth.

Competitive analysis.jpg

Competitive Landscape Report

An analysis of your competitors’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses, providing insights for differentiation and positioning.

Customer experience.jpg

Customer Experience Audit

An assessment of your customer journey and touchpoints, identifying areas for improvement and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Shrinking market share_edited.jpg

Shrinking Market Share

A deep understanding of competitive threats, reasons for customer loss, and actionable strategies to reclaim and protect your market share.

Cross company.jpg

Cross-Company Process Examination 

An analysis of internal communication and collaboration between key functions, such as Regulatory, Marketing and Sales, with recommendations to streamline processes and enhance your go-to-market effectiveness as well as your commercial growth.

Moran Faibish, Global Marketing & Business Development Strategist

Moran Faibish

Global Marketing & Business Development Strategist

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