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Moran Faibish

Global Marketing & Business Development Strategist

Doing Wonders Together

We live in a global world. Borders and distance no longer make a difference, today more than ever. What does make a difference is experience and an ability to change, create, build and literally move mountains. 

Marketing is a perception. Seeing the bigger picture at all times, taking into account the company's every possible activity - today and in the future. 

Who am I?

A hands-on, C Suite level result-oriented global marketing and business development strategist, with over 15 years of experience in promoting disruptive technology companies. 

Mark Maio

VP Sales US, SPRING Vision

“Moran has the vision to foresee and plan. She brings contemporary approaches to building marketing strategies, understands the complexities and nuances and elevates our brand presence."

Tal Moyal

S. Director Biz Dev & Product MGMT, Tutnauer

"Moran's passion for the business lies in her marketing strategy and her exceptional interpersonal skills. Her ability to develop new business, while inspiring others, makes her the insightful and creative professional that she is."

Sivan Barkay Menachem

VP Clients, Oz Global B2B

“Moran is one of the most professional marketing managers I have worked with. She has a strategic way of looking at global marketing, dives deep into product content, and knows exactly how to fit the right marketing activity to company goals.”

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