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Due Diligence and Scouting

Innovative technology undoubtedly plays a crucial role in investment decisions. However, the success of any company is influenced not only by technological advancements but also by commercial viability and human factors. Understanding the significance of comprehensive due diligence and proactive scouting in identifying promising investment opportunities, these tailored services in commercial due diligence and scouting are designed to provide valuable insights and facilitate informed decision-making for investors, acquiring companies, and distributors.

 Commercial and Human Capital Due Diligence

Commercial and Human Capital Due Diligence 

Commercial due diligence is a critical step in assessing the potential of an investment opportunity. Conducted by an unbiased party, it offers profound knowledge that guides educated decisions. 

  • Comprehensive analysis of the market landscape, competitive positioning, and growth opportunities.

  • Evaluation of human capital, including leadership capabilities and the potential to drive innovation and growth.

  • Thorough risk analysis to identify potential challenges and mitigate associated risks.


Our scouting services take a proactive approach to identify companies that align perfectly with your specific requirements and investment or distribution criteria. As your trusted local partner, we assume the role of attentive observers, leveraging industry insights and a sharp focus on innovation. 

  • Identifying new opportunities in alignment with your objectives and strategic goals.

  • Conducting commercial research and analysis to identify companies that meet well-defined criteria.

  • Assessing products and services of potential companies in alignment with macro needs and market trends.

Moran Faibish, Global Marketing & Business Development Strategist

Moran Faibish

Global Marketing & Business Development Strategist

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